Our service is tailor-made to be simple because we know your office depends on it!


We know that apart from sercuring financing for your organisation, you've got more important things to sort out.


We are accessible, we know you will need us, and we will be there to help.

We are a group
with 32+ years in the Dental and Medical Equipment industry.

We have combined our industry experience with our personal relationships to offer you finance organizations who will provide quality service with competitive rates and options.

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We offer the below resources for our customers. We want to give you choices to make the best decision in choosing a lease or financing option.

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Our Mission

To provide competitive rates from superior companies with personalized attention.


We value honesty, trust and transaparency in all our interactions with clients.


At every turn of events, we aim to satisfy our clients with our service.


Our goal is to provide good rates and quick response times.

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Partner Links

We are a friendly entity. Here are some of our best relationships.


Wade AMG, LLC provides; asset evaluations, consulting, logistics, long and short term storage, on-site inspections, appraisals, and re-marketing solutions

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One Place Capital

One Place Capital is a financial partner providing Equipment financing for U.S. medical, dental and veterinary practitioners

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Knights Bridge Capital

Knightsbridge Equipment Capital, LLC offers leasing and financing of equipment to entities ranging from the local family store and school district to the Fortune 500 corporation.

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SupportDDS is an insourcing company that provides insourcing opportunities uniquely designed for dentists

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Global Imaging Resources

Global Imaging Resources provides quality, affordable, pre-owned imaging equipment.

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